Sophia Cannizzaro is a perpetual student from Vermont, now living in New Orleans. She is a full-time artist in that she fills most of her time with art, doesn’t really get paid for it, and therefore works other jobs to pay for things. Her work has appeared in Eunoia Review, Sublunary Review, Dialogist, Misfit Magazine, and more. Her favorite website is etymonline.com and you can follow her on Instagram @sophia.luci.cannizzaro and on Twitter @soph_cannizzaro.


irrelevant in the wild word.

you are always doing what you want to do in isacoustic*.

what to write in a sympathy card in metatron press.

sunshine is hard to let go of once you think you can hold it and six principles of growing in viscaria magazine.

four poems in softblow.

clown/magician in CARE Covid Art Resource.

over and over again in dialogist

lose your inhibitions in monstering magazine.

dis/misplaced, liquor as substitute for loving mother, and all contained in misfit magazine.


orbital wings in sublunary review.

eight poems in eunoia review.